3 Grand Rapids Dog Parks and Other Nearby Destinations

grand rapids dog parks

Grand Rapids dog parks aren’t the only places in Michigan you can check out with Fido, but it’s a great place to start your adventure.

Here are some of the best dog parks in Grand Rapids you should visit:

Grand Rapids dog parks

1) Downtown Westside Dog Park

307 Summer Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504

You can stop by Downtown Westside Dog Park if you’re looking to have a colorful new adventure with Fido. 

There’s plenty of space on-site for all sorts of outdoor activities. This Michigan off-leash dog park also has agility equipment. 

It’s also securely enclosed in well-maintained fences, and there are double gates to keep your fur baby safe when leaving and entering the park. 

You can also have photo-ops in front of the beautiful canine-themed murals on-site created by Maddie Jackson. 

The dog park is nestled between Downtown YMCA’s parking lot and Bridge Street.

2) Covell Dog Park

526 Covell Ave NW, Grand Rapids 49504

Covell Dog Park is a 1-acre off-leash area in Grand Rapids. It’s one of the best places to go if you’re looking for a dog park where you can hang out with fellow fur parents.

It’s enclosed in fences as well, so you’re sure your dog is safe while playing. 

There are also shaded seating areas where you can sit and relax. Parking is also available.

3) Hillcrest Dog Park

250 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids 49503

Hillcrest Dog Park is one of the amenities at Hillcrest Park. Fur parents who have been there say it’s such a fun place for dogs to play. 

It offers plenty of space for outdoor activities. There are separate spaces for big and small dogs. You’ll also find a wide open space where you can let your fur baby make new canine friends. 

Poop bags and other dog park essentials are available on-site, but you can still bring your own supply in case the park runs out.

If you want to explore the rest of Hillcrest Park, you must keep your dog on a leash. It has a diamond park, a soccer field, and 20 acres of space where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Other Michigan dog parks and canine-friendly destinations

1) The Pack Indoor Dog Park

5205 W River Dr NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321

If you don’t want to go outdoors with your dog during winter, you can visit The Pack Indoor Dog Park instead. 

It’s a membership-based off-leash indoor dog park with plenty of space for all sorts of fun activities. 

You need to register your canine on the dog park’s website, and you have to make sure all his vaccinations are updated. 

Fur parents are also welcome to enjoy snacks and drinks on-site. There’s a full kitchen open from 4 P.M. from Monday to Friday.

Meanwhile, Grab & Go Treats are available on Saturdays and Sundays. 

There is also a fenced outdoor area on-site, in case the weather is nice enough for a stroll. The dog park’s floors are polished concrete to help staff clean any mess quickly.

2) Wyoming Dog Park at Marquette Park

1251 Marquette St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509

Wyoming Dog Park at Marquette Park is another membership-only off-leash dog park Fido will love. You’ll find it on the northeast side of Marquette Park, and it has its own parking lot.

The park offers 2 acres of space where dogs can play, exercise, and make new friends. There are separate areas for big and small dogs on-site.

You’ll also find a water fountain and other dog park essentials on-site.

3) Shaggy Pines Dog Park

3895 Cherry Ln Ave SE, Ada, MI 49301

Shaggy Pines Dog Park is one of the best private dog parks in Michigan.

It’s just a stone’s throw away from Grand Rapids, offering 16 acres of space dotted with beautiful trees, hills, and wide open fields. 

If you’re looking for a park where you can let your dog run, play, and swim off-leash, this is the Michigan park you should visit. 

It has a spacious swimming pond for dogs and a mile-long walking trail. There are also self-serve dog wash tubs and drying areas on-site. 

You can also have a delicious cup of coffee at the park’s coffee bar and lounge area before heading home.

You can check out a list of other must-see Michigan dog parks here.

4) Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a dog-friendly destination in Michigan. Locals love it because you can bring your dog anywhere on the island.

Canines are welcome on ferry rides, outdoor dining spots, downtown shops, and hotels. They can even get on horse-drawn carriages with you.

Just make sure you keep your dog on a leash. You also need to clean up after your dog. There are free poop bags available at the Mackinac Island Tourism Booth on Main Street. 

When visiting establishments, look for the sticker that says “Dogs Are Welcome” to ensure your dogs can come inside.

5) Palms Book State Park

Thompson, Manistique, MI 49854

Palms Book State Park is a breathtaking nature preserve with over 300 acres of space for hiking and paddling trips. 

There are several trails on-site where you can bring your dog, but you have to make sure he’s wearing a leash. You can also bring your dog to paddle boat rides with you.

All in all

There’s so much you can enjoy in Grand Rapids, Michigan with your dog. If you’re looking for all kinds of adventure, don’t miss a chance to check out these destinations.

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