Itching for a Swim? Here Are Some Must-visit Dog Water Parks in California

water dog park in california

Swimming is one of the best activities you can enjoy with your dog, and luckily, there are plenty of dog water parks in California that you can check out. 

Imagine the excitement on your dog’s face when you pull up by the beach or when he sees a swimming pool. Here are some of the best dog water parks in California that you can visit.

7 Must-see water dog parks in California

1. Country Kennels and Dog Waterpark

25817 Washington Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

Imagine a spacious indoor and outdoor area where your fur baby can run off-leash and play with other canines. That’s only part of what Country Kennels and Dog Waterpark has to offer. 

This water dog park also has large play yards with a serene country setting. But the highlight is their ‘Dawg Waterpark.’ The swim sessions at the park are on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. 

You can also stop by the park with your dog for private swims every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Check out the park’s website for reservations and fees. 

Boarding, grooming, training, and self-serve dog wash are available on-site. Country Kennels is along Washington Avenue in Murrieta, California.

2. Paradise Ranch Pet Resort

10268 La Tuna Canyon Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352, United States

You’ll find Paradise Ranch Pet Resort north of Burbank and just a stone’s throw away from downtown Los Angeles. 

This luxury pet resort also offers cage-free dog boarding, doggie daycare, dog training, grooming, and pet transportation. 

If you plan to stay in a California resort, you can leave your fur baby at Paradise Ranch Pet Resort. Boarding and daycare clients can enjoy the ‘Waterpark Swim Play Time’ at the park. 

There are also pools and doggie cabanas where your fur baby can play, swim, and relax with other canines.

Visit the park website for more information about park rates and requirements.

3. Waterdog Lake & Open Space

2400 Lyall Way & Lake Road Trail, Belmont, CA 94002, United States

Waterdog Lake & Open Space combines water and outdoor fun. This water dog park in Belmont, California, features beautiful, lush trails and hills. 

You need to keep your dog on a leash in some parts of the park, but there’s also an off-leash area where he can run freely. After hiking along the trails, you can let your fur baby swim in the pet-friendly pond.

Visit the park website to learn specific details about the park trails.

4. Dr. James W. Thornton Dog Park

3934 N Hayston Ave, Fresno, CA 93726, United States

Dr. James W. Thornton Dog Park is a membership-only off-leash dog park with excellent amenities. 

Members who frequent the park love letting their dogs have fun at the agility course play area.

The park has grassy land with plenty of trees. It’s divided into several dog runs based on the size of your fur baby. In addition, this water dog park has a 2,000-gallon canine wading pool. 

All dog park members must undergo a temperament test, and vaccines must be up-to-date. 

Dr. James W. Thornton Dog Park is along Hayston Avenue in Fresno, California. You can visit the park website for more information about membership rates.

5. Rosie’s Dog Beach

5000 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803, United States

Rosie’s Dog Beach features a 4-acre space along Ocean Boulevard, between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues. 

It opened in 2003 and has become a popular destination for fur parents and their dogs.

The area is not fenced and is not solely dedicated to dogs, but it’s still an excellent place to enjoy some fun under the sun. 

Your dog must be on a leash on your way to Rosie’s Dog Beach, but they can be set free at the off-leash recreation area

Visit the park website for important announcements and more information about park rules.

6. Coronado Dog Beach

Ocean Blvd, Coronado, CA 92118, United States

Your fur baby will surely love Coronado’s Dog Beach as it offers year-round leash-free fun under the sun. 

It’s located across Sunset Park on Ocean Boulevard, just a stone’s throw away from numerous dog-friendly California destinations

You and your fur baby can enjoy the scenic white-sand beach or check out the tide pools and fire rings at this water dog park. 

Other excellent activities at Coronado’s Dog Beach include surfing and sunbathing. Visit the park website for important announcements and local events.

7. South Park Doggie Adventureland

945 W 190th St, Gardena, CA 90248, United States

South Park Doggie Adventureland isn’t just a dog water park, it’s also a theme park. 

There’s a doggie football stadium where your fur baby can run and play ball with other canines. 

Don’t let your dog miss a chance to swim in the pool or relax by the poolside. Foam play and fun activities at the agility course on-site are also available. 

Daycare services, boarding, training, and grooming are available at South Park Doggie Adventureland. 

You’ll find this dog water park along 190th Street in Gardena, California. Visit the park website for information about their rates and schedules.

Don’t forget water dog park etiquette!

Whether you’re visiting a water dog park, hiking a dog-friendly trail, or hanging out at your neighborhood off-leash area, you must remember dog park etiquette.

Pack dog park essentials like poop bags, trash bags, a first-aid kit, your dog’s leash, plenty of water, and your dog’s bowl. 

Clean up after your pet promptly and dispose of used bags only in designated waste bins. Remember to read park rules as they vary from one dog park to another.

You also must look after your fur baby, especially if you’re visiting off-leash dog parks that are not fenced.

Visiting dog water parks in California should be one of your must-try the next time you visit the Land of Milk and Honey. 

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