Dog Park Essentials: What To Pack Before Heading Out

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The success of your trip to the dog park doesn’t only rely on your choice of destination. Before you head out with your fur baby, make sure you have all of these dog park essentials.

What dog park essentials should I bring?

The right supplies can help Fido feel more comfortable at the dog park. Here are some of the things you need to bring:

1) Water bowl and a bottle of water

Although most dog parks have drinking fountains, it’s still best to bring your own, especially during hot days. 

Serious cases of dehydration can lead to kidney and organ failure. Always monitor Fido’s water intake while you’re at the dog park. 

Pack two bowls if you plan on staying at the park for a few hours. Use one bowl for food and use the other one for water.

Using separate bowls for food and water helps you make sure that your fur baby’s water is always clean and clear.

Some dogs are picky drinkers and might refuse to drink at public fountains so bring as much water as necessary. 

2) Leash

Do I still need to bring my dog’s leash if I’m going to an off-leash dog park?

Yes. You still need a leash to walk your fur baby in and out of the park. The leash comes in handy, too in case you have to restrain your dog.

Breakaway collars may come in handy, too, just in case Fido gets caught in a branch or a fence or if he gets into a fight with another dog. 

3) Poop bags

Some dog parks offer free poop bags, but just to be on the safe side, bring a few pieces with you.

There are many brands of portable poop bag dispensers that you can attach to your day bag or your dog’s day pack. 

4) Dog treats

Dogs get excited when they’re at the park. Use treats to help Fido be more focused. 

You can also use treats to reward your pet whenever he comes when called, sits on cue, or plays nicely with other dogs.

5) Identification

Pet parents dread losing their fur baby at the dog park.

Always make sure your dog is wearing the proper identification tag, which has his name, your phone number, and your address. 

If your dog’s tag has plenty of space and he’s microchipped, you can also include that information. 

6) Toys

You may bring a few toys for your dog to play with, but it’s best to use them only when there are no other dogs around. 

Other dogs might chase after the toy and it would only cause a fight to break out.

Considering dog park etiquette, it’s best not to bring your dog’s favorite toy. Always make sure your dog is willing to share before you start throwing the ball.

7) First-aid kit

Accidents and emergencies can happen at any time so you always have to be prepared. 

Fill your dog’s first-aid kit with gauze, self-adhering bandages, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, and antibiotic ointment. 

You can also bring a soft muzzle just in case your dog becomes frantic because of his injury. 

8) Pet wipes and towels

These will come in handy in case Fido gets a bit messy while playing at the dog park. 

Have these ready before you let your fur baby back in the car.

How to pack dog park essentials

It all boils down to packing smart.

Put all these dog park essentials in a medium-sized, easy-to-carry bag. Don’t forget to bring a garbage bag or two so you can clean up after yourself. 

A mat can also come in handy in case you and your fur baby need a moment to rest.

Bring a few things for yourself, too. Pack sunscreen, water, and your first-aid kit.

How to organize dog park essentials

Have a separate pouch or container for your dog’s first-aid kit. You can also invest in dog poop bags that already come in compact holders.

Ziplock backs will also come in handy to separate dog treats from wipes and towels.

Can I buy dog park essentials at the park instead?

Not all dog parks come with essentials like first-aid kits and water bowls. Research dog parks near you to check for the amenities and essentials available.

Better yet, pack your own so you’re sure your dog has everything he needs. Fido may have specific needs that won’t be available at dog parks.

You don’t have to stuff your dog’s bag with so many things. As long as you have the essentials, you’re sure to have a great day out at the dog park.

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