Decoding the Dog Park: Dog Park Etiquette for You and Your Fido

Dog Park Etiquette for You and Your Fido

Dog parks provide some form of freedom to you and your pup. However, because they’re a public area where other dogs and dog owners frequently visit, it’s important that you and your Fido observe the proper dog park etiquette.

The following dog park etiquettes should help you and your pup prepare for your visit.

1) Know the rules of the park and follow them.

Every park has different rules and regulations for its visitors to keep the whole place up and running.

You might be planning on bringing treats for your pup during your visit, which might go against the park rules.

Therefore, you need to know what are the dog park rules and regulations first and stick to them so that there won’t be any need for the park’s management to kick you out or even ban you from entering the place in the future.

2) Pick after your dog.

Imagine having a moment with your dog as you walk idly around the park. Before you know it, you just stepped on a stinky poop that some irresponsible owner has left behind.

This possibility is the main reason why most dog parks require owners to pick after their dog’s litter since nobody wants to experience this.

Not only does this dog park etiquette keep a “squishy” accident from happening, but it also helps keep the park sanitary.

3) Keep a close eye on your pooch and supervise.

It’s vital to keep a close eye on your dog and on what’s going on around them that might affect their well-being.

You can’t just leave your dog be during your visit to the park lest someone or something endangers them or makes them aggressive.

When another dog shows aggression and looks like it wants to bite your precious pup, you would want to be there in a flash to disperse the danger, right?

4) Play well.

Make sure that your furbaby is comfortable with the company of others, both humans and animals.

Don’t force a shy and fraidy pup into doing something they won’t enjoy since their fear may make them act out and become aggressive.

Keep your dog leashed and close to you if you’re not that confident in their social skills.

5) Have your pup vaccinated, especially with the newest vaccines.

Diseases quickly spread in crowded places like dog parks, which increases the danger of your precious furbaby contracting such illnesses.

Therefore, you need to protect your pup and those around them by getting them vaccinated.

Note, though, that you shouldn’t bring your pup that’s younger than four months or simply too young to be vaccinated. It may seem a bummer, but it’s just not worth the risk.

All in all

You have to train your puppy first and make sure that they obey you 100% of the time before visiting any dog park.

Most of all, respect the park etiquettes and other park patrons so that everyone would have a smooth experience during their visit.

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