Indoor Dog Parks Near Me: Must-visit Indoor Play Areas in the Midwest

indoor dog parks near me

If you find yourself constantly searching for ‘indoor dog parks near me,’ here’s a list that might help.

We’ve put together a guide to the best indoor dog parks in the Midwest. Here are some you should check out with your fur baby.

The best indoor dog parks in the Midwest

1) Wag ‘N Paddle

Location: 1847 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, Illinois

Imagine 9,000 square feet of fenced-in space, fully climate-controlled, and monitored by dedicated employees. When you visit Wag’ N Paddle in Naperville, Illinois, that’s what you’ll find. 

This indoor off-leash dog park also has several pieces of play equipment that Fido can climb or go through and under.

Apart from that, fresh water is also always available for your dog. There are also plenty of benches where you can unwind. 

The park also has a 4,000-square-foot fenced and turfed outdoor area where your dog can run leash-free.

Check out the park’s website for details about park membership, schedule, and events. 

2) K9 University

Location: 2945 W Lake St, Chicago, Illinois

Like Wag’ N Paddle, K9 University also has a climate-controlled indoor space. This indoor dog park is cleaned daily, and it has separate areas for big and small dogs. 

The park also offers ‘Dog Open Play,’ which allows your fur baby to improve his socialization skills. 

Dog grooming, boarding, training, and daycare are also available on-site. In addition, the park has activities tailored to help your dog stay in shape, socialize well, and behave appropriately.

You can visit the park’s website to learn more about their fees and other services. 

3) Paws 4 Fun

Location: 222 N. 44th Street Lincoln, Nebraska

Paws 4 Fun is Nebraska’s first indoor dog park. You’ll find 12,000 square meters of space, which includes two large dog parks and two small ones. 

Their space has drainage systems, plenty of playground equipment, toys, and tunnels. The park’s turf is also antimicrobial and antibacterial. The indoor dog park is also climate-controlled.

Paws 4 Fun also offers indoor and outdoor pools, dog boarding, and daycare. The park’s website has more details about its rates and services.

4) Baxter’s K9 Complex

Location: 2901 N Outer Rd, St Peters, Missouri

Many indoor dog parks in the Midwest offer boarding, daycare, training, and grooming, like Baxter’s K9 Complex

This indoor dog park has a 15,000-square-foot space with plenty of amenities for play and socialization. 

Most of their facilities allow healthy interactions between dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. 

5) The Pack

Location: 5205 West River Dr NE, Comstock Park, Michigan

Apart from a well-maintained indoor facility, you’ll also find a fenced outdoor play area at The Pack in Michigan. 

This indoor dog park has a great restaurant. You can have delicious meals and refreshing drinks while watching your dog play and socialize.

6) Bosly’s Backyard

Location: 4011 N Ravenswood, Suite 108, Chicago, Illinois

If your fur baby is shy and reluctant to play outdoors, you can bring him to Bosly’s Backyard. They offer plenty of activities for Fido.

This indoor dog park has tennis balls, tunnels, and other pieces of agility equipment. Check out the park’s website to learn more about their rates and schedules. 

7) Taps and Tails

Location: 1901 Train Ave, Cleveland, Ohio

Taps and Tails is Cleveland’s first dog park with a bar. In addition, they have an indoor and outdoor space where your fur baby can run leash-free. 

The park also has plenty of agility equipment in indoor and outdoor areas. So you will have something to do at this Ohio indoor dog park, no matter the weather. 

Visit the park’s website for details about events, schedules, and menus.

Remember indoor dog park rules

1) Keep an eye on your dog

Indoor dog parks also have a set of rules like outdoor dog parks. For example, you still need to keep a close eye on your dog. Friendly dog park personnel can help you watch over your dog, but you still need to be mindful. 

2) Clean up after your pet

Poop bags and waste receptacles are often available at indoor dog parks, and staff will always be there to make sure the space remains clean, but you still need to do your part. 

3) Get your dog vaccinated

Most indoor dog parks will require you to present your dog’s vaccination record. Ensure your pet gets all the necessary vaccines before bringing them to an indoor dog park near you.

At the end of the day

Have you been to any of these indoor dog parks? Tell us about your experience. Which indoor dog park near you is your favorite?

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