Experts Say Indoor Playtime Has These Positive Effects on Your Dog

indoor dog parks

Indoor dog parks make Fido’s playtime, socialization, and exercise possible regardless of outside weather.

Apart from that, playing indoors also has countless positive effects on your dog. 

What are indoor dog parks?

They’re indoor recreational facilities designed explicitly for Fido. So instead of your usual dog park with fences, benches, and trees, you are surrounded by toys, agility courses, and socialization corners. 

The best thing about indoor dog parks

1) The spaces are climate-controlled

The play areas at indoor dog parks are climate-controlled, which means no matter the weather outside, your fur baby can still get his daily dose of play and exercise.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about extreme heat or cold, which prevents dehydration and other heat and cold illnesses. 

2) They offer additional services

Nowadays, most indoor dog parks also have a daycare and dog boarding. A few also offer obedience and puppy training.

These additional services come in handy in case you need help training your puppy, or you need a safe place to leave your dog if you need to go away. 

3) They are great for shy or anxious dogs

Trained attendants are often present at indoor dog parks and daycares. One of their jobs is to intervene if they notice aggression or ‘bullying.’

And since they also offer training as an additional service, you can ask for their help so your dog can overcome his anxiety or shyness.

4) They always have your dog’s comfort in mind

Many indoor dog parks come with facilities designed to ensure your dog is comfortable and safe.

Floorings are often specially designed for your dog’s needs, so they don’t end up smelling like pee or catching fleas and mites. 

Not only that but a lot of these facilities make sure dogs don’t get sick by regularly sanitizing their floorings and play areas.

The benefits of play at indoor dog parks

It’s a common misconception that dogs only need outdoor play and exercise. In reality, playing indoors also has its own set of benefits.

1) Play prevents behavioral problems

According to the MSD Veterinary Manual, several factors can lead to behavioral problems, and lack of play is one of them.

These behavioral problems can range from unruliness, destructiveness, and hyperactivity.

2) Play keeps your dog physically healthy

Dogs have mental, physical, and social needs. VCA Animal Hospitals discusses this in detail on their website. 

For one, playing can help keep your dog’s heart healthy. It’s also a great way to make sure Fido’s joints remain lubricated.

Playing can also help improve your fur baby’s balance and coordination. 

3) Play is also mental stimulation

You want Fido’s mind to get regular exercise, too. Games and play areas at indoor dog parks often come with rules which encourage your dog to use his mind.

Playing is also a great source of mental stimulation, which prevents laziness and boredom.

What kind of games can dogs play at indoor dog parks?

Not all facilities at dog parks are the same, but most of them have tunnels, agility courses, and obstacle courses. 

Other great games you can play with your dog indoors include tug-o-war, treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, and hide and seek. 

All these games promote mental and physical stimulation for dogs. These games are also great for making new dog besties. 

Standard rules at indoor dog parks

Indoor and outdoor dog parks have similarities in the rules they implement. Here are some you need to keep in mind: 

1) Watch your dog closely

Although indoor dog parks have trained attendants to help prevent or break dog fights, it doesn’t mean you should stop watching your dog. 

As a fur parent, it’s still your responsibility to look after your fur baby.

2) Clean up after your dog

Poop bags and bins are often available at dog parks, whether indoor or outdoor.

Always clean up after your pet so other fur parents and canines can also enjoy their day at the park.

3) Keep your dog on a leash when entering and leaving the dog park

This rule is also applicable to outdoor dog parks. 

Never let your dog off the leash before you’ve even entered the park because he might run off where he shouldn’t, and it can be hazardous for him and other park-goers. 

How do I know which kind of dog park is best for my dog?

We talked about choosing the best dog park for Fido in a separate blog. You can read it here

Choosing the suitable dog park for your pup boils down to his age and temperament. Alongside that, your dog needs to be adequately trained and socialized, too.

Have you been to an indoor dog park near you recently? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below. 

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