Dog Food for Beginners: 3 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Picky Dogs to Eat

homemade dog food

Looking for the best dog food for beginners, only for it to be disregarded by your dog is frustrating, right?

It even becomes confusing and tiring at times when they really refuse to eat what you’re giving them.

Don’t worry. We made a list of tips and tricks to help you get your picky dog to eat.

Let’s get started.

1) Consult your vet.

The reason why your dog is being picky might be health issues that you were not aware of.

After all, it’s hard to feed someone when they don’t have the energy to eat, right? It’s the same thing with dogs.

Therefore, your first step should always be to call your vet.

Don’t self-diagnose your dog if you’re not knowledgeable enough, and don’t let the pickiness continue longer than it has to.

Your dog’s health might worsen without you noticing. And if it’s health-related, it might be too late already when you do take action.

2) Test other dog foods.

Dogs in general are very versatile when it comes to food, but they have their own taste preferences too.

There might be distasteful ingredients in what you feed your dog, or there might be changes in their usual diet.

You can address the issue by taking your dog to a culinary delight and letting them taste test different flavors, formulas, and recipes. Take note of the dog food options that they had the most gusto in eating, then look for its nutritional content.

You can even transition them from dry food to wet food. You have to bear in mind, though, that it might become hard to feed them dry foods again.

3) Hold out on feeding them.

This is very helpful when your dog refuses to eat anything else. This is especially true when your dog has just transitioned from dry dog food to wet dog food.

The idea for this tip is to not let them have a choice but to accept the dog food for beginners given to them.

They may not eat for a while, yes. Sooner or later, however, they would be forced to eat what’s in front of them because they’re too hungry to argue.

It’s not a fun process, but it’s very effective when you no longer have any idea what to do. Besides, dogs can also go for a few days without eating, like humans.

In the end

There are other tips you can try to get your picky Fidos to eat. For instance, you can try making them more active or mix-and-matching different dog food for beginners together to make it more enticing.

What’s really important is that they’re getting the proper nutrition in the right amount.

The best dog foods in the market may be sufficient enough, but making your own homemade dog food recipe is not a bad idea either. It’s cheaper, too, and more customizable for you and your dog’s needs.

We hope the tips we’ve laid down are enough to help you address the pickiness of your dog. If it still persists, going to a vet would be your best course of action.

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