Glencarlyn Dog Park and Other Arlington Dog Parks You Should Visit

arlington dog parks

There are ten beautiful and well-appointed Arlington dog parks you can choose from. All of which are spacious, clean, and equipped with excellent amenities.

We made a list of the ones you should visit.

Arlington dog parks you should check out with Fido

1) Glencarlyn Dog Park

301 S Harrison St, Arlington, VA 22204

Avid walkers, parents, and dog lovers are frequent visitors to Glencarlyn Park. In addition, there are several outdoor activities you can enjoy on-site.

For one, you can check out the park’s beautiful trails amidst lush greens and tall trees.

There are several picnic tables and shelters on-site where you can relax. The park also has a playground where your children can make new friends. 

Dogs are welcome on-site. The Glencarlyn Dog Park offers plenty of space where Fido can run around and play. You can also let your fur baby swim in the creek on-site.

Bring poop bags so that you can clean up after your dog. There are waste bins around the park where you can dispose of used bags. 

Pack your dog’s bowl and plenty of water as well. You need a towel as well, so you can dry your dog after swimming in the creek.

2) Shirlington Dog Park

2710 South Oakland Street, Arlington, VA 22206

Shirlington Park is an 11.5-acre park along the Four Mile Run Trail.

You can come to this Arlington park to work out using outdoor fitness equipment. You can also explore the paved trail or the pond. 

Meanwhile, you can bring your fur baby to Shirlington Dog Park, which is adjacent to the main park. It has plenty of space for Fido to run, play, and exercise. 

Bring poop bags so that you can clean up after your dog. Remember to dispose of used bags in the waste bins around the park. 

The dog park is usually closed for maintenance on the thirds Thursday of every month.

3) Virginia Highlands Park

1600 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202

Virginia Highlands Park is a 20-acre Arlington park with everything you and your family need to have a fun-filled weekend. 

It has diamond fields, tennis courts, tennis practice walls, basketball courts, and a volleyball court. 

You’ll also find a grassy rectangular community field on-site and a sprayground that’s become very popular with the local kids. 

There’s also an off-leash dog park on-site with plenty of space for games of fetch and tag.

Apart from checking out the ball courts, sports fields, and dog park on-site, you can also relax at the park’s picnic tables and shelters with a charcoal grill.

Also, take advantage of a chance to bring your children to the park playground. 

4) James Hunter Dog Park

1230 N Hartford, Arlington, VA 22201

James Hunter Dog Park is a bit smaller than the other dog parks on this list, but it’s still worth a visit. 

It offers just the right amount of space so Fido can play and socialize without being overwhelmed. There’s also a water fountain on-site where dogs can cool down. 

Many local dog lovers also come to the park, which is excellent if you want to make new friends or join the community of local fur parents.

5) Benjamin Banneker Park

1680 N Sycamore St, Arlington, VA 22205

Benjamin Banneker Park is home to two beautiful playgrounds with features like an obstacle balance course, rock climbing, and play towers with slides.

Pre-school and school-age children are welcome to have fun and make new friends at the playgrounds. 

You can also bring your dog to the park with you. This off-leash area offers plenty of space, so it is manageable. 

There are also several waste bins around the park so that you can clean up after Fido. The dog park closes at 8 P.M.

6) Fort Barnard Dog Park

2101 S Pollard St, Arlington, VA 22204

Fort Barnard Dog Park is one of the amenities available at Fort Barnard Park. It’s spacious and well-maintained, so you’re sure your fur baby can have fun and stay safe. 

The rest of Fort Barnard Park has amenities where you can play baseball, basketball, and softball. 

Don’t miss a chance to check out the community garden on-site as well. There’s also a paved trail, a picnic shelter, and a playground on-site.

7) Towers Dog Park

801 S Scott St, Arlington, VA 22204

Towers Dog Park is open from sunrise to 10 P.M. It’s one of the best dog parks in Arlington, where you can enjoy early morning walks or evening jogs with your dog. 

There’s already a drinking fountain on-site and waste bins, so all you need to bring is your dog’s bowl and poop bags. 

This Arlington off-leash dog park also has a separate area for small dogs.

8) Utah Dog Park

3191 S Utah St, Arlington, VA 22206

Utah Dog Park is surrounded by beautiful trees making it an excellent destination in Arlington if you want to enjoy the great outdoors with Fido. 

One of the best things to do in this dog park is to enjoy relaxing strolls. Make sure you clean up after your pet, so other hikers and walkers can enjoy the park. 

There’s a drinking fountain on-site to refill your dog’s bowl.

9) Fort Ethan Allen Dog Park

3829 N Stafford Street, Arlington, VA 22207

If you’re not looking to explore the outdoors and you just want to sit under a tree and relax with your dog, stop by Fort Ethan Allen Dog Park

You’ll find it along Stafford Street, just a stone’s throw away from other Arlington attractions. 

There are several benches around the park right under beautiful shade trees. There’s also plenty of space for Fido to play and make new canine friends.

10) Gateway Park

1300 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22201

Gateway Park is a 3-acre park where locals usually go to get some fresh air, catch up on emails, meet up with friends or eat their lunch. 

The dog park on-site is on the western side of the park. It’s clean, spacious, and securely enclosed in well-maintained fences. 

There’s also a paved trail, a drinking fountain, and an amphitheater on-site.

What to prepare before visiting Arlington dog parks

Since there are a few dog parks on this list near a creek or a pond, you may need to bring an extra bottle of water and a towel that you can use to rinse your dog and dry them off before heading home. 

You also need to prepare dog park essentials like poop bags, your dog’s bowl, and plenty of water. Don’t forget your dog’s identification and vaccination tags in case park authorities ask for them.

If you’re ready for more new adventures with your fur baby, check out more Top Dog Parks blogs here.

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